Our Autonomy Perception Kits

For autonomous projects be it autonomous robots or autonomous cars engineers need a bunch of perception components for their work.

Why trucks need RADAR sensors

Due to the size of the vehicle, the need for assisting the driver in detecting objects around the truck is also a lot higher than in the case of passenger vehicles.
Trucks are big and b

UAV autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance using LiDAR RADAR and inertial integration

For an autonomous flight of a UAV three components are a must
1. Lidar (e.g

Difference Between UMRR-0A and UMRR-0C RADARs

The UMRR-0C has a scanning antenna with digital beam forming.

Applications of XSENS AHRS systems

At Robots in Search we carry XSENS AHRS systems which include:

Gimbals CM100 and CM160

The delivery of the gimbals

Collision avoidance for trains and trams with the help of Long range SICK LD-MRS laser scanners

Long range SICK LD-LMRS or IBEO laser scanners with multi echo can help in context perception in front of t

Smartmicro RADAR Altimeter Testing

Smartmicro RADAR Altimeter Testing

Samples during takeoff

Mobile Robot with Mecanum Wheel

We provide robotic platforms with Mecanum wheels. 


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