CROM Upper Body High Precision Robot

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High precision robot
CROM is an upper body robot intended for research in manufacturing environments. It’s capable of performing repetitive and accurate tasks. This is possible thanks to each one of the most advanced components integrated, from Schunk arms to Barrett Hand. It requires no safety cages or barriers and it is safe to operate directly next to people, so it’s ideal for research and development of human-collaboration robotics in production environments. CROM torso is a modular an extensible platform. It is possible to configure the robot with a variety of sensors and actuators. The control software has been developed in ROS (Robot Operating System) based on MoveIt! libraries. All the provided software is Open-Source.


Research in manufacturing environments.
Research and development of human robot interaction in manufacturing environments.
Advanced perception and manipulation tasks.
Industrial humanoids.
Artificial intelligence.

Dimensions: 1.612 x 855 x 448 mm
Weight: 105 Kg
Payload capacity: 6 Kg
Degree of freedom (axes): 23
Controller: based on ROS architecture
Additional devices: Hand (7 axes), Gripper (1 axis), Frontal screen, Perception devices (head camera x 2, hand camera x 2, 3Dsensorx1).
Two LWA 4P Schunk arms.

One WSG 50 Schunk gripper.

One BH 282 hand from Barrett Technology.

A torso made of aluminum and steel.

A head made with a module PW 70 from Schunk for the movements and two cameras in a stereo vision configuration.

A floor mount chassis. This section has a PRL 120 module to permit one Degree Of Freedom in the torso.

One 3D sensor on the head.

Four cameras: two on the head and one on every gripper.