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Outdoor robot platform for teaching

The FORBOT A4 is a mobile robot platform, on which numerous topics of automation technology and research can be taught. Digital and analog control, positioning and control of drives, as well as the processing of sensor and image data.
Roboterwerk offers FORBOT A4 in a basic version and a PLC-variant, and both are ready to drive and can be controlled remotely via WLAN. You can customize the FORBOT A4 for your own needs: For its personal control, sensor and camera technology and power supply connections are provided. Thanks to its six driven wheels the A4 runs through the area safely and can drive over or avoid obstacles.

FORBOT A4 in two Variants

  • Forbot A4
  • Forbot A4-S7-1200 Education

Forbot A4
The self-supporting body of FORBOT A4 consists of a bottom pan and a hood. With its wireless router on the roof the FORBOT A4 can communicate with multiple wireless devices and can be remote controlled even in the basic version: A PC or iOS application sends the motion commands over Wi-Fi and via the built-in Ethernet to serial converter to the serial interface of the motor controller.

Alternatively, the FORBOT A4 is equipped with a small controller: In this variant, the motor controller is driven analogously, two fast counters record the encoder signals of the motors. The controller can communicate with its own Ethernet interface with higher-level PLC systems. The battery pack powers the A4 FORBOT and other devices for about one hour(mixed mode).

All Robots are delivered including UBIQUITY Bullet WIFI-router, batteries and battery charger.