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SICK LD-OEM1000 is an indoor midrange scanning range finder with operating range of 0.5m...250m with 10% reflectivity range of 35m

  • High angular resolution
  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • High ambient light immunity
  • Up to 4 fields can be programmed
  • High level of reliability, even in poor environmental conditions
  • Small objects can be reliably detected at long ranges
  • High-performance time-of-flight sensor for measurement and positioning, area monitoring and collision prevention applications
  • Flexible integration in customer-designed applications

Differences between SICK LD-LRS1000 and SICK LD-OEM1000

  SICK LD-LRS1000 SICK PART No 1028941 SICK LD-OEM1000 SICK PART No 1028698
Version: Long Range Mid Range
Max. range with 10 % reflectivity: 80 m 35 m
Response time: ≥ 100 ms ≥ 66 ms
Statistical error 2): ± 30 mm ± 25 mm
Electrical connection: 1 6-pin terminal block, 15-pin D-Sub HD plug 1 15-pin D-Sub HD plug, 1 6-pin terminal block
Weight 4.1 kg 2.4 kg


LD-OEM / Indoor / Mid Range

Model Name    LD-OEM1000
Part No.    1028698

    Field of application:    Indoor    
    Version:    Mid Range    
    Light source:    Infrared (905 nm)    
    Laser class:    1 (EN/IEC 60825-1), eye-safe    
    Field of view:    360 °    
    Scanning frequency:     5 Hz ... 15 Hz    
    Angular resolution:    0.125 °
0.25 °
0.5 °
1 °
1.5 °

    Operating range:    0.5 m ... 250 m    
    Max. range with 10 % reflectivity:    35 m    
    Fog correction:    no    

    Response time:    ≥ 66 ms    
    Detectable object shape:    Almost any    
    Systematic error:    ± 38 mm    
    Statistical error:    ± 25 mm    
    Integrated application:    Field evaluation    
    Number of field sets:    4 fields    
    Simultaneous processing cases:    4    

    Serial (RS-232, RS-422):        
    Data transmission rate (Serial (RS-232, RS-422)):     4,800 Baud ... 115,200 Baud    
    Data transmission rate (Ethernet):    10 Mbit/s    
    Protocol (Ethernet):    TCP/IP    
    CAN bus:        
    Protocol (CAN bus):    Standard 2.0.A    
    Data transmission rate (CAN bus):     10 kbit/s ... 1 Mbit/s    
    PROFIBUS:    -    
    PROFINET:    -    
    DeviceNet:    -    
    Switching outputs:    4 (digital)    
    Optical indicators:    4 LEDs (Status display)    

    Electrical connection:    1, 1 6-pin terminal block, 15-pin D-Sub HD plug    
    Operating voltage:    24 V DC± 15 %    
    Power consumption:    36 W    
    Housing:    Die-cast aluminum    
    Housing color:    light blue (RAL 5012)    
    Enclosure rating:    IP 65    
    Protection class:    III    
    Weight:    2.4 kg    
    Dimensions:    115 mm x 120 mm x 222 mm    

Ambient data
    Ambient operating temperature:    0 °C ... 50 °C    
    Storage temperature:     -20 °C ... 80 °C    
    Permissible relative humidity:    85 %, non-condensing    


LD Laser Scanners and Time of Flight


LD-OEM is a measurement scanner.  Using time of flight TOF SICK Laser Scanners are served for anti-collision for large harbor cranes, automatic parking of planes, vehicle classification in free-flow traffic, guidance and protection of autonomous vehicles, anti-intrusion in building security, people counting in crowded public areas.

Time of Flight technology principle:
SICK is the leader in Time of Flight (TOF) technology

LD Laser Scanner (Measurement Sstem) internal working mechanism:

LD-OEM Internal View

LD laser scanner types of uses:



Paintings on a wall can be safeguarded by an invisible vertical barrier generated by a LD PDS Laser Scanner hidden in the ceiling. The scanner will detect any object penetrating the scanned area. In the same way, a horizontally mounted laser scanner can be used at night to prevent intrusions in gardens, on roofs, in rooms and any other areas.  Indoor or outdoor, the laser scanner will detect any person trespassing on your property and report it to you immediately.

LD-OEM protecting horizontal and vertical areas from intrusion


Laser Scanner for surveillance of rooms:

Laser Scanner for surveillance of rooms


SICK laser scanners are most commonly used for AGVs.


SICK Laser Scanners for AGVs


SICK laser scanners for AGVs

By using the LD NAV, the AGV can easily find its way by means of traditional triangulation on reflectors, when they are visible, and continue navigating by measuring the profile of the surrounding environment, when the reflectors become obscured.

Automatic Truck Loading using AGVs


Deep Stacking AGV Application

The TOF capabilities of LD scanners have been exploited to provide accurate measurements of the shape of aeroplanes in order to guide them precisely to the docking area. The long-distance scanner LD Galileo is able to fulfill its measurement duties in bad weather conditions and on any target. Benefit from its constant accuracy and reliability.

LD scanners to guide Aeroplanes

The LD CS Cone Scanner is able to detect the exact position of the corners of a container and its relative position to the transport truck. The crane’s position is consequently automatically adjusted to pick or place the container. The system developed by SICK and LASE allows the automation of the containers’ handling by STS or Gantry Cranes and makes the operation at the quay-side much faster and safer.

LD devices are also used in harsh port environments for anticollision purposes between cranes and objects on the quays.

Detect containers, Operate and protect cranes