Quadcopter Cyber Quad Maxi


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Robots in Search  is now distributing the quadcopter CyberQuad MAXI

Quadcopter CyberQuad MAXI is an electric ducted quadrotor Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

CyberQuad is mechanical simple, low noise, stable and agile and compact quadrotor combined with safe and efficient ducted fans.

With only four moving parts that are safely shrouded, the CyberQuad is low maintenance, easily transportable and rapidly deployable.

As with other quadcopters the Cyber Quad maxi is an excellent and professional choice for following applications:

  • Emergency Services & Safety

  • Infrastructure Inspection

  • Law Enforcement

  • Military

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Agricultural Operations

  • Sport

  • Real Estate

  • Film Production Services

  • Recreational Hobby




Cyber Quad Maxi Configuration options:

  • CyberQuad Maxi HD Inspection Package

    • CyberQuad Maxi UAV

    • Position Hold and Return Home Control System

    • 1080p HD Video & 24MP Stills with GPS Location Tagging

    • 10x Optical Zoom & 3 Axis Balanced Optical Image Stabilization

    • Tilt & Roll Stabilized Live Streaming Video Link

  • CyberQuad Maxi DSLR Surveying Package

    • CyberQuad Maxi UAV

    • Semi-Autonomous Waypoint Navigation System on 12" Tablet

    • DSLR with 16MP Exmor CMOS Sensor with GPS Location Tagging

    • Fixed 16mm Pancake Lens for the Minimal Optical Distortion

    • Tilt & Roll Stabilized Live Streaming Video Link

  • CyberQuad Maxi Thermal/Optical Package

    • CyberQuad Maxi UAV

    • Position Hold and Return Home Control System

    • Dual Thermal/Optical Payload with up to 640x480 Resolution

    • 10x Optical Zoom and optional fast frame rate thermal (ITAR Controlled)

    • Tilt & Roll Stabilized Live Streaming Video Link


Cyber Quad Maxi Quadcopter optional ground accessories:

7" Ground Control Station Tablet
Waypoint Navigation Ground Station Software
Real-time bi-directional communication link with UAV
Wireless video payload input display and record
7" multi-touch capacitive input with digitizer pen
10" Waypoint Navigation Tablet
Waypoint Navigation Application
Real-time bi-directional communication link with UAV
10" multi-touch capacitive IPS+ Display
10" Payload Vision Terminal
10" Real-Time Payload Vision Monitor
High Brightness Outdoor Visible Display
Inbuilt Wireless Video Receiver
Integrated into Rugged Case
5" Wireless DVR
5" Real-Time Payload Display Monitor
Records onto micro SD memory cards
Integrated Wireless Video Receiver
Integrated Battery with USB Charger
First Person Video Glasses
Immersive Real-Time Payload Display Glasses
More suitable for dual pilot/payload operations


CyberQuad Maxi Specification

UAV CyberQuad MAXI Technical Specifications


Dimensions 690 x 560 x 200
Hover Endurance (minutes) 15-25
Nominal Payload (grams) 300
Maximum Payload (grams) 800
Maximum Airspeed (knots) 20
Electronically Limited Altitude Above Ground (meters) 120
Maximum Operational Altitude Above Sea Level (meters) 3000
Safe Line-of-Sight Control Range (meters) 500
Maximum Range RF Equipment Dependent Contact for more information
Noise (dBA @10 meters) 65