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SICK LD-OEM series include:

  • SICK LD-OEM1500    SICK Part NO 1060828, Scanning Frequency   5 Hz ... 20 Hz, Operatig Range, 4 digital outputs 0.5 m ... 250 m and FOV 360 ° 

  • SICK LD-OEM1501    SICK Part NO 1060829, Scanning Frequency   5 Hz ... 20Hz, Operatig Range, 1 digital output 0.5 m ... 250 m and FOV 360 °


  • Simple integration via standard interface

  • Accurate reflector position measurements

  • Navigation with only 3 reflectors

  • Immune to unwanted reflections

  • Precise position information (X, Y, alpha)

  • Output data for remote diagnostics

  • Integrated measurement data evaluation reduces the computing effort in vehicle computers, saving time

  • Track guidance without reflector marks increases application flexibility

  • The positioning system allows maximum freedom in the design of the vehicle

  • Economical, even for small and medium-sized vehicles

  • Simple alteration and teach-in of routes gives user more control over the application

  • Accurate measurements, even under harsh environmental conditions

SICK LD-OEM Accessories:


RS232 null modem cable for NAV300, 3core, 3 m (9.84 ft), twisted-pair, screened, 15 pin DSub HD socket to 9 pin DSub socket for configuration using PC


Ethernet cross-over cable for NAV300, 3 m (9.84 ft), twisted-pair, screened, 15
pin DSub HD socket to 8 pin RJ45 plug for configuration using PC


Interface adapter (spare part) for NAV300


Fixing bracket for NAV300, complete with mounting material and tools


Replacement fuse with holder T5A0, 125 V, SMD


CDROM “Manuals & Software NAV300”